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If asked to choose, I will choose the train as public transportation when traveling far. Surely the trip to the city or region that can be reached by train. If there is no railroad track, you have to adjust the situation.

Why do I prefer to use the train compared to other modes of transportation? And I’m sure you would think that instead of using the plane? Faster and the price is also not far adrift with the cost of executive class train tickets. To buy a ticket is no less easy than buying a plane ticket—lots of online ticket sales services that also serve train ticket sales.

Honestly, I have a little fear every time I want to get on a plane, afraid of something terrible when boarding a plane. Okay, surely you think that I’m overrated too much, but that’s how I feel. What’s more, lately there is quite a lot of news about plane crashes.

Compared to airplanes, only a few accident tragedies occur in railroad transportation modes. Even if that happens, the percentage of survivors of bad things on the train is much higher than airplanes. If something terrible happens on the train, we can easily save ourselves because they are still grounded. While the plane? You can imagine yourself.

Also, when traveling, I am not a person who is required to get to the destination sooner, and I am quite relaxed enjoying each trip. And the train can accommodate that. How come it isn’t a bus? You’re also relaxed too. My problem with riding the bus is urinating. Because I like to drink, I can’t help but have to urinate frequently. For short-distance trips, it’s still okay. But no for a long journey.

Even though at this time many buses provide toilets, but I still feel uncomfortable because it is not uncommon for long trips to use the toilets on the bus often run out of water. That won’t happen when using a train because, as far as I know, the water supply on the train will be filled when it stops at a particular station. Then minimal tragedy due to excessive bus maneuvers or sudden brakes. So for the restroom business, the championship train.

The reason why I prefer to take the train compared to other modes of transportation is that only the public long-distance train mode can accommodate when I am bored because of sitting too long. Not on the bus or on the plane, you can. But what I mean here is, on the train, we can freely stretch muscles because over time sitting by standing and walking. We can freely walk from one car to another car. Even when I get bored sitting in the passenger seat, I often walk and spend time sitting in the seats provided in the restoration train while snacking on snacks or just drinking or eating something warm.

train or plane

In my opinion, the last reason I stated above cannot be obtained when riding a bus or airplane because of limited space in these two modes of transportation. If you take a bus, what if your stomach suddenly protests, we must make peace until the bus stops at the rest area or restaurant to receive food rations. It cannot at any time we order food like on the train or an airplane. The only solution is that we have to bring our own food or snacks.

As for the food on the plane, we still can order or even get snacks for certain meals. Unfortunately for the traveler model like me with a mediocre budget, I have to think repeatedly before deciding on food orders on the cloud. Indeed, the price of food on the train is also not cheap, but the difference in price is still quite reasonable when compared to the price of food in a food stall or a simple restaurant there.

So that was a little bit of my story why I prefer traveling by train compared to other long-distance transportation modes. Once again, if it turns out that the destination city is not possible to travel by train, yes, I must make peace and inevitably use other modes of transportation. Yes, that’s the drawback of trains. The path is limited.

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