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    Wearing luxury goods (often called branded products, even though all goods have a brand), being said, makes people’s prestige go up and be more confident. For people who can afford it, they can shop directly at the boutique or even buy directly in their home country. But who are mediocre but want to remain stylish, shop at the Factory Outlet (FO).

    To save on production costs and labor costs, owners of famous brands produce their goods in third world countries. No wonder we see clothing or shoe labels that read Made in India, Made in Cambodia, Thailand, Bangladesh, and even Made in Indonesia. Somehow in these countries can sell it in their own country even though it should be for export commodities on the specific specifications of the owner of the branded goods. Even now, it has become a commodity for tourists.

    chatuchak weekend market

    Where in Bangkok would you shop if it wasn’t in the Chatuchak Market? Unfortunately, the market is only open Saturday and Sunday. This market is huge, covering an area of ​​35 hectares with thousands of small stalls. Any items can be found here, ranging from handicrafts, books, Thai silk, souvenirs, branded clothes, furniture, to pets. Branded goods are already among the local goods that are affixed to famous brand labels or export leftover goods. Be prepared to wear clothes that are comfortable because it is hot and very stuffy. If you are using long pants, it must be able to be rolled up because sometimes it is muddy when it rains.

    A smaller market version is in Phnom Pehn precisely in Psah Toul Tom Poung, or better known as the Russian Market. In contrast to Chatuchak, this market specializes in selling branded goods at very low prices, for example, the Gap tank top brand or the Moschino brand sports bra for 1 US $. Yes, in Cambodia, people rarely use the local currency Riel but the US dollar. The most crumpled one I have ever seen is here because it is treated as a change of groceries and a motorcycle taxi.

    In Colombo, the favorite tourist shopping center is at Odel, a department store specializing in famous brand clothing. This FO is comfortable and air-conditioned. Odel occupies a beautifully restored, three-story old building. The price is around 5 US dollar a piece. Clothing brands that being offered are Esprit, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Escada, DKNY, to Versace.

    In Europe, people only shop for real branded goods (designer labels). The H&M and Zara brands there are like general shops because they are cheap, so they are always filled with locals and tourists. If you don’t feel disgusted, please shop for branded but second-hand clothes for cheaper price.

    woodbury factory outlet

    Unlike in America, it being said that branded goods sold on the FO are cheap because the season has passed (for example, winter clothes are sold during the summer), not because the products are rejected. The FO location is usually a bit outside the city, so the tax is cheaper and is located on the edge of the highway, so get ready to read the sign carefully. FO in America is not in one building alone but is a huge complex where each brand has a large warehouse that stands alone with a considerable distance between stores. There are about one hundred more well-known brands in one large FO, such as the San Marcos Prime Outlet near the city of San Antonio. The price is also very tilted, for example, a backpack brand Calvin Klein only 5 US $, Esprit t-shirt @ 1.50 US $, Armani Corduroy pants 10 US $. Because the place is huge and always full of queues, the most effective shopping method is to directly look for the cheapest price section with the biggest sale inscription, usually in a tub of clothes that even has to use tug-of-war method with other people.