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Holidays in Macau turned out to be a lot of new things that I had never encountered before. I tried games at the casino until I was dizzy because I’m confused about which gamble to choose. After all, there were lots of exciting games. But if you want more bonuses you can try this online gambling site in You can easily win and earn a lot of money there, I have tried it myself. Because I rarely go to any offline casino like Macau or Las Vegas, so, online gambling casino might be my recommendation for you guys.

I went to Venetian, Venetian is a hotel, a mall, and also a casino. Indeed in Macau, all casino places usually provide buses for free either at the airport or at the harbor, maybe because the casino business is competing to get people ready to gamble. Because Macau is a gambling city and it’s no longer a secret that gambling is legal there.

After went to Venetian Macau I visited Parisian Macau. From Venetian to Parisian Macau, I only need to walk because the distance is quite close. And from Venetian Macau there is access to Parisian Macau, just follow the directions.


In Paris there are also malls and casinos and if in Paris I will feel the atmosphere of France, which is very pronounced. And there are also lots of spots to take pictures. And of course, I enter for free without any entrance ticket either in Venice or Paris.

There are also many free buses to other famous casino destinations. Finally, I chose the Grand Lisboa bus because I wanted to visit the Macau icon, Senado Square, where many typical European buildings also did not forget to Ruin of St. Paul. The bus there also has free wifi.


After arriving at the Grand Lisboa, I immediately entered and watching people gambling. After that I walked to Senado Square. Senado Square and Ruin of St Paul are not far from Grand Lisboa Casino.

It turns out that in Senado Square is very crowded with tourists and there are also many typical Portuguese buildings. If you visit Macau, don’t forget to go to Senado Square. There are many people throw coins to the small pool located there. There may be a myth that your wishes might be granted if you throw a coin there.

Once in Senado Square I continued walking to Ruin of St Paul. Along the way, many shops sell food and cosmetics drinks by the center. If you come here, don’t forget to taste the Portuguese egg tart. The taste is delicious. The price is from 7MOP to 9MOP.

It was around 6:30 p.m. While on the bus, I talked to someone who lives in Macau. He told me that Macau is very good at night because there are many colorful lights and beautiful shades around the streets of Macau, and when I arrived at the harbor, I followed his advice to return to Macau Parisian at night. After that, I looked for a Parisian bus on the harbor. After arriving in Parisian, I visited the Eiffel Mock Tower.

After relaxing for a while enjoying the night in Macau, I immediately returned to the harbor to cross to Hong Kong by boat and celebrate New Year’s Eve at Victoria Harbor Hong Kong.

That was my trip while in Macau. A tiring but fun trip. If there is more chance, I will definitely visit one more time because there are many places that I haven’t been visited yet.

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